Katie drops off medicines and thermometer, juice and other things and my heart is full.  Emotional, and quicker than usual.  Put laundry in dry and that’s where I stop.  Not doing another set.  Will need a nap soon, feeling myself fade.  Opened a sparkling water, flavored, but no flavor.  My taste is gone.  Furious, but that won’t help.

Messaged x to FaceTime with kids but who knows if she’ll get back to me.  Her reaction yesterday having to pick up the kids because of my positive… don’t get me started.  Shaming, blaming, her usual practice and horrid voice.  Again, not starting.

Collection on couch here in loft.  Should watching something, several something’s.  Yeah, when was the last time I was a potato de couch?

Gratitude, for everything.  Even x, showing me antithetical kindness, and straight evil.  Teaching me what its is, how it sounds, what it looks like.  My family, Ms. Kerri, and other friends for their love and connection, kind words and check-ins.  I know where I am in my story, and going forward with everything I have.

Okay… first show, or move…?


3:40 up from nap, more soup, feeling slightly better.  Sleep stopped from door knocks, neighbor asking if she can borrow a hose?  I with mask on told her she can use the short one on the patio but she said she needed a different kind.  So, door closed and back in to kitchen.

Soup so incredibly hot had to walk away, get a couple things done then back.  Watching football… starting sales notes.  Up tomorrow at 6-something, demanded.  Just realized no coffee today.  More than likely won’t be the case tomorrow..

May have a bit of a fever.  Thermo’ downstairs, the one Katie brought.  Retrieving …

4:08 soup done, watching Bills at KC.  Good game.  Again, when was the last time I did this, watched football in pajama pants on a Sunday?  Maybe covid was sent to teach me, for me to collect, an opportunity of sorts.  

FULL glass of the Cherry Punch Pedialyte Katie brought me.  Temp, 99.3.  down .5 from earlier when Katie had me take it with me on porch and her on path/walkway, much more than 6 ft. Away.  

37% on laptop.. will charge soon and take a break.  Something Dad said to me months ago, about being a different type of adversary.  Expanding, migrating this principle… different kind of writer, business builder, father, human, blogger and startup chap…. It’s consuming me.  Have a call with him at 5, so 40 minutes.  Plan on bringing this up to him.

99.1.  Temp in decline.  Ha ha… FUCK YOU COVID.