Covid Mike Madigan Day 1

Definitely feeling better than last night but nothing what normal would constitute.  Lots of sleep, shower this morning, put on laundry and notice I have somewhat of an obsessive compulsive dote to me.  That is, notice a blemish on the downstairs door, inside side, from kids… wipe it off.  Do I need to transfer $600 to outside account for something…?  Did I forget something for this new story?  Email this person, text this person… hungry, what do I eat.  Toast, okay.  Toasted or not, and if it’s not toasted isn’t it just fucking bread with jam on it?

Symptoms of nose and sniffles, cough and throat still in place, headache gone for most part.  But this covid brain or brain fog holding me like a snake around the abdomen of whatever animal it chooses from wild menu.

Yesterday, Day 0, today 1.  Guess I’m testing again on 3?  Is that how it works?  Was sure this would never get me but here I am.  Oh, and my taste is essentially shot so not craving anything really.  Sister bringing over some stuff, as is Ms. Kerri and my neighbor Nichole.  Bless all of them, my gratitude is atmospheric and of cosmic elevation.

I think it’s the covid brain and this obsessiveness… I need to write, document all this.  So upset the kids aren’t here, that my fucking weekend was cut short by goddamn covid, but I have to keep moving. Not just make the best of it but produce as much as able.  Feeling like I might need a nap before too long.  Woke at 10-something and I believe fell asleep around 11-ish after falling asleep but being pulled from sleep by the ice machine, making this knocking sound and I thought someone was at the door so I flew downstairs to the office looked out peep and nothing..

11:55…. That’s another thing, time.  It’s lost relevance and connection.  Yesterday at 5-something when the sun started it clock-out I felt like it cold have been 8 or 9-something.

Check on laundry soon, then what.  Realizing I have this whole day… the WHOLE day.  Okay, nap… write, ready for tomorrow and the online training, maybe research the company a bit more…. Write sales notes…. Good ideas, hopefully I’ll remember them with this covid consciousness.