Emma home sick, Henry with me as well. Today is essentially shot.

Bought a latte from Starbucks on the way to Jack’s school. First one in a while and surprised it’s not that bad.

Feeling guilty about being on the clock… What do I do. Call out, or just be at the ready in case something arises?

No run today, obviously. Just accept it. Be as in the moment as you can. Single dad, little girl home sick, Henry already getting restless. Maybe make a couple eggs, one for me then one for him.

Done with breakfast. Of course he didn’t want any. Both on the couch with me now, watching something on Emma’s tablet. She coughs once I ask if she feels okay, she nods. Henry finally not tantrum-ing. Think he just wanted my focus, to hold him like I was a couple minutes ago before he went over right and snuggled next to Emmie.

9:40, not sure what I should do. Thought about putting Henry to bed for a bit, for a morning nap. Only seen him do that once so not sure it’ll work. He’s impatient again, unable to express himself and frustrated. I relate.