So I put the headset around my neck, prepare to be the calling sales person.  Okay…

9:47 not sure how many calls I’ve made but I’m already exhausted.  Most recent one went well, one of the first calls I made the guy dismissed me and hung up.  At first I laughed, then felt bad that I called him and did that to his morning – some fucking sales guy calling to see if they need internet.


Starting to hate that word.  Sip coffee, how much left.  Not much.  Shit.  Will need more.  Communicating the EVERYTHING in this room and it’s an annoyed me not wanting to call anymore.  And why should I.  Why are people fucking calling me?

Honestly… People being rude on these calls, sales communications and attempts, I can only laugh.

I’m happy, that’s it.  That’s all I’ll accept.

Learning from this morning, these people, their rejection and annoyance.

“New story is just pages away…”, I wrote in journal a second ago.