Getting kids later, finally.  Seems like forever since I’ve seen them even though it was just the other day at Emma’s school.  Need to get food for them, haven’t had a chance this week so far.  Still waking up even after the double-espresso.  Coffee made and in the coffee corner upstairs.

Connecting with an old friend yesterday, but don’t want to write about that. Why, ‘cause those connections are always the same I feel. How are you, it’s been forever, blah blah…

Onto another topic.  Of…. The AE story.  Where it’s going.  Approved for taking off Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Used for writing, a drive somewhere… maybe to Bodega, run and write.  Not anticipating the days themselves or getting impatient.  Presenting myself to the present, the story this morning in this room.

Got coffee, one sip in I think about grad school.  College, my old teaching ambition of being at Stanford.

Why not.

Bring it back…. Need to define my essay style a bit more.

What is it.  Is there a “style”, or more an expressive way?

I can figure all that out later.  Thinking of the kids and them reading this…