Emma has some Cheerios and orange juice, milk and dry cereal for Henry. Now back to couch for them both to watch kid shows while I attempt to work,

Tired from waking so early. Before 6:30. Well, early for me. Peace at the moment… Henry done with his second breakfast, hoping he gets that food coma going soon and I can get a nap with him.

Promised a Daddy Pizza Party tonight. Not sure Emma will want any, or Henry. Early morning again tomorrow for Jack’s game. 8:30 at field, as I remember. Run after game, then lunch, then cleaning condo, then peace… no sound. Only writing, all thoughts from this single Windsor writing dad.

Emma quiet, watching her show. Henry as well but he again appearing antsy. Shit, what do I do. More I think the more harm and blockade. Writing freely, from their movements and words, sounds in Henry’s case.

Today is a test, that I know. And it’s invited. Actually it’s needed. Throwing me out of any zone comforted or too serenely composed. Composition of character can only change, especially in this position. Single dad possibly between stories again… taking more control of the postmodern promise in the room, whatever room, I’m in.