Henry still sleeping, Emma hanging in her room. Need to get out of the house. Will leave when Henry wakes, more than likely head to my parents’. Sipping another much needed espresso. Beautiful outside, only 70 degrees. Making a list of everything I need hit tomorrow –

1, clean Archive, turn into studio.

2, run at least 5k.

3, treat self to lunch at KC’s, Chardonnay and outside seating.

4, brainstorming night tomorrow, wine and video games, total startup mode.

There are other targets, but not writing them now. Keeping them in head to see if they stay, stick, speak to me. Promised Jack I would get online with the Switch and play Fortnite with him, hence aim 4. Also using that as a reel to jot in journal, create something new in business and with #blogeverythingnow.

Much of Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday will be running-honed. By EOD Tuesday I need to be in 8-mile lunch shape like I was before covid. No run today obviously, so bumping tomorrow’s miles to 5. Keep self interested and motivated with modifications mid-route. Running is ALL psychology and inner-speak.

Sunday, 10k. Monday 8 and Tuesday 10. That should do it. No priority on pace, just distance, range, conditioning. So far today only some eggs this morning, scrambled, and two pieces of that cinnamon raisin bread. Oh, and the latte. Done till dinner.

Obsessed with life as I’m typing… the sky outside, how blue it is, the espresso, my kids upstairs and Jack at school and what he must be learning. My and my movements, the confirmation and realization, accentuation of me being alive. Right here in the loft kitchen.

In the studio upstairs in what I call the Archive, the odd storage area or closet in my room, I plan for a track a day. Either music, or voice recorded, some vocal note, something. Had to be recorded and with a title. What I’m thinking now as a goal, anyway. Eventually, instrumentals made like I used to. Thievery Corporation or Tycho-like, Emancipator, those sorts of styles.