“Enjoy the day sir!” Mark messages back. 

That simple.  And he’s right.  His attitude and demeanor and communication is always positive and light, encouraging.  Lesson, again. Learning from him and this short urgency.

Espresso done but not going to get more… pausing, here at the desk.  Thinking of Kerri and her words yesterday, her new opportunity/ies, how she woke this morning just before 4 to create her small boards for a client then go to the gym.  Her hunger and relentlessness connecting with me, as usual.  But more so this morning.

Seeing the materialization before it actuates.  Believing it already.  No other choice.  This is more than motivation I’m writing for self or anyone reading… it’s a rhythm, a way of thinking.  There’s the opposite, but that produces little or nothing.  A vision, I subscribe, it presents and stays if the believe remains consistent.

All the conversations Dad and I have had since I was little, about thought and thinking and how to think, how to think in the presence of others so their contaminative words don’t poison you.  Reconnecting with past teachings….  Time, not an enemy but a manifesto.