Home and starting with emails and espresso.  Meeting later in day, 3pm.  More than ready for it and eager to share my story… kindness and gratitude.  The Composition of my character changing noticeably since yesterday.  More than focus about me.  It’s like an obsession to steer the story in a certain manner, so the story has different feel and ascension.

Simplicity next to gratitude… and no fear of failing or misstepping.  That’s where the education is so I welcome it.  Education… learning, from now, the Now… this room and these types on this Wednesday, day before school starts for my kids.

THE KIDS… it’s all them.  I can’t afford to be afraid of losing or being challenged.  Like I wrote a few days ago, THE KIDS ARE WATCHING.  Reading this, years down from now.

Jack, Emmie, Henry:  LISTEN TO ME…. You establish the music, and the music will take on its own life and you won’t always agree with its tempo.  Stay connected to it, learn, be open, and you will be framed in happiness, tranquility, success, EVERYTHING.

Yesterday and some of this morning preoccupied with thoughts of life, purpose, work.