Feeling tangled and knotted this morning.  Walking to get a latte.  The direction my life and story are going… what I want, how I get there.  Writing it into reality.  Talking to self, focusing on happiness.  Ms. Kerri, and all of her kindness and wisdom.  I’m 43.  I know I keep saying that to myself and posting it here, like you need to be reminded or something.  But I’m thinking about that… my age and my kids, what I want from work, what I’m here to do and how I want to be remembered.

Big questions, developing answers.  Yesterday having a glass of Rosé down the street by myself, seeing parents together with their kids nearly making me release tears…. What am I doing…. Run toward HAPPINESS.

6 miles planned today.  Will have to be toward EOD I’m thinking.  Can feel yesterday’s 4, or 4.11.  Guess that’s what happens when you don’t run regularly and let yourself lose condition.  Never mind what I haven’t done or where I failed…. What I can do now is what’s relevant.