Back from getting latte, feels warm in here. 

Walk up to loft and turn on AC.  Little better.  What’s my first move in the AE story today… those conversations I was after yesterday.  New “location” as it were.  8:48, will do in a minute, reconnecting.

Writing in the quiet of this room, no music.  Prefer that way for whatever reason this morning.  And no I’m not going to go on some ‘This morning is different’ paragraph loop.

But it is, that’s the truth.  No two days are the same.  Sometimes they feel like that, at least to me in this AE story.  I need to make it different and I need to move with new tune EACH DAY.  Otherwise, it’s insanity like Mark says.

This latte, no joke.  Strong.  And I mean REALLY fucking strong.  Love that little place, the small business feel it has from the color of the tables and walls to the way the bar and back-bar are arranged.  Go to their website really quick, yes definitely that smb feel.  Would love to work with small businesses like that.  Then why don’t I…?