In #thepozloftoffice, building.  Like my daughter inferred, I need to build.  

And I’m doing just that tonight babe…. Andrew Murray Syrah open, listening to Boozoo Bajou, imagining writing again at that hotel room in Maui or somewhere similar.  Not hungry, only for opportunity, no limitations, no dependency on expanse of ….

I build my composition and connectedness to reality and revived actuality.

199 words, blueprint.  You can copy if you want but it’s not Bottledaux, not me.  I;’m feeling free and revived and alive and reflective on what I survived in ’95.

Zen… humility, like Kerri stresses – GRATITUDE.  No arrogance or cockiness.  The track through this speaker Sonic gifted me, us, on the President’s Club trip is perfect for this office – where startup is started, and there’s only an ‘UP’ to these sentences and posts.

7:13 Composition my only thought, in this minute and principally.  Run earlier, no music, just my steps and breathing and cars passing on Conde… took it slow but had I guess a respectable per-mile.  Not thinking about hat now, just tonight.. relaxing. This post was my only aim.

Tacos, two, late lunch in HBG.  Light dinner tonight and early bed.  Running early, or DEATH.  That devout in this new running rile.