Walking to get a latte in a bit.  Treating myself.  Bored

in the AE story and I know that’s my fault and attitude.  Director telling me he’ll let me know about an opportunity later today.  My only worry is compensation…but I have no control over that.  Focusing more on self… me as a writer, coffee and wine lover.  Selling wine.. talking to Kerri’s roommate last night about a potential project, something I can get involved in.  No details yet but meeting calendared for next Saturday.

Overcast outside, just what I love on these morning Windsor walks.  Life and how short it is, how cruelly curt as I’ve always said.  Call yesterday shaking me, still am a bit off.  Why do I, WE, worry about what we do?  Why do we let certain things take us this way or that?  Thinking about EVERYTHING this morning.

More passion, more of what I love…. That’s the only answer.

Okay… LATTE.