Back in chair, sipping slow.  Jazz… ideas.  The walk, perfect.  Centering on this page and in the intersection of Nows.  Me yesterday, the today Mike Madigan… what I’m passionate about, what I want versus need and can the two be blended.

In call mode, see what I can find.  Slightly tired, even with the caffeine.  Writing what you want into existence, starting with character and mind.  It’s all decided, something we compose, thought while crossing Windsor River Road to Bell.

9:42, focusing on AE story.  Quick note in Happiness Project Journal.  Jazz in room, what else do I want from the day.  Missing the kids, their little faces and words, questions, when Emma pretended to arrest me last weekend and asked me questions I can’t remember now, at my parents’ house.  But I remember her sweet little voice and face looking right at me.

Order to SELF….  Combat stress and any nerves, anxiety.  Centralize and singularize while you amplify and diversify, and INTENSIFY.  Stop waiting for opportunity, WRITE YOUR OWN.  BLOG EVERYTHING NOW…. Produce everything now.  Ideas over ideas, changing then returning to original form.  Playing this morning, like one of my kids.