Call to cell… answer.  News, positive.  Conversations growing,

and me as a story turning—  Stopping there.  See what happens.  Call at 11:30, something different.

Tempering my excitement….  Sip latte.  Jazz still playing…

Have to get food for kids for the weekend.  Couple other to-do’s for day but nothing injecting stress.  I won’t allow it.

About to make another call.  First one produced a contact, but not a contract.  Not that I expected it to.  Patience, I keep telling myself.  I have to get better at that.

Work… what we DO for work.  The work we’re known for, remembered by…. Current thought.

12:06… quick lunch.  Event at 4 just down the street from Mom and Dad’s.  Makes it easy.  Last day before getting kids for weekend.  Every hour has to be surgically addressed.

The maintenance of a yay-saying philosophy and mind operation… current thought having me tighten my brow focus on the wall, the empty latte cup.  Battle with self at times, but that’s just it.  That’s what needs to be understood…this is character versus itself.

Love realizations like this.  They only help, they only benefit and elevate and more promise and self-education precipitate.