8:41, could have promised myself it was later, like 9:03, or 9:14 or something. 

Inventorying everything I do today, from the email to Mark to the coffee I made and brought upstairs and the shower, realizing I need to be more on top of winery.  Do a little or more everyday.  No exceptions.  Dominant consistency and metaphor, laundry… cleaning something.  The story, the language, the narrative contour of my prose and most obvious philosophies.

Sausalito’s Caledonia Street, where I parked and walked a bit of to get to Bridgeway.  Would do it again in a heartbeat.  Still thinking of taking tomorrow to self… depends on what I have inventoried by day’s end.  Writing all in RECORDS journal, the new one.  8:51, the morning taking its time and going easy on the writer.  What time do I leave… maybe, 9:30?  Yes, get there early.  Business cards in Rav, just need to do hair.  Yes I wrote that… hate my hair the older I get.  Or maybe not hate but, need do something different with it.  While I still have IT.

Need ‘nother cup.  Not tempted by a morning Windsor Writer Walk this morning to Noto for a latte.  Difference…. Like Mark says about the insanity definition, and Dad yesterday punctuating the crucial composition of a system.   Small business ideas and adoration floating around my imagination and ability to paint images in my head… radicalizing, like I NEED my own shop.  Don’t want a wine shop anymore, think that has died.  But the idea of a gym, a store for fitness articles and stories and recording your fitness story and journey and pursuits.

Speaking of, fasting till after 12.  Not as long as yesterday, and  running later without fail.  Dinner later so will have to launch at 5 exactly if not a bit earlier no matter how hot it gets today.  87 at 5 so that means it could be in the 90s.  Bloody…. UGH.  Get out there anyway.  SLOW… just listen to the playlist and step after step.

Two sneezes.  Better not be covid.  Seriously, I feel like I’m the only one I know that hasn’t caught it sometimes.  Obsessively centered on this room and the day, running and the gym and shop I want to start… last run was last week, what, Tuesday?  Unacceptable.  Everything today for an early wake tomorrow like my friend does.  No idea how she does it…. I look up punching bags, cardio, fitness bloggers, everything concerning health and taking care of YOU.

In Sausalito Sunday man ran past me, tall and toned no shirt.  Obviously a routined and systematic runner getting his miles decided mid-afternoon.  Am I a runner or not, I thought walking around a couple blocking the sidewalk’s narrow way to put money in the meeter.  YES, I just need to change a couple things.  RE-bloody-WRITE.