The ‘Yes, I speak Kerouac’ cup filled.  Coffee. 

Walking around HBG later with AE buddy David.  I need to speak more like Kerouac and be more like him in business as well.  Uncapped and unafraid, unfettered.  Letting all thoughts to page.  No editing… in fact, I’m anti-edits I thought walking down that flight to this office.  Change attitude I though in shower.  That could be it… just a switch of mentality to get me to that story..t he one I was thinking about last night while having dinner and cleaning loft kitchen.  Chill Lounge beats this morning, relaxing with coffee – BUSINESS PLAN:  Drink Coffee, Write Books, Be HAPPY.  Easy enough.

8:32… walking around Healdsburg my walk will be different, what I say to people, MY ATTITUDE.  Face and language, not letting others’ bizarre behavior worm-brained ways push me one way or other.  Not mentioning her name of given her any more syllables or characters on this screen.  Topic NEXT.

Desk messy, again.  Clean it later.  Tuesdays have been my favorite day of the week for months now.  Not sure specifically why…. Will need another cup for sure.  Tired but pushing through it… One fast move.