Sausalito trip and walk and lunch was just what I needed. 

What the story needed.  What my mental health needed. In office and not doing anything but time to self, relaxing, continuing the collection and time with this new Mike Madigan.  And, continuing to laugh at x’s attempts to muscle more money from me.  It really is hilarious, like Dad says.

In a humor kamikaze mode.  Sip of the Racer 5, thinking about a house in San Carlos again.. what would I get it for?  To be closer to Silicon Valley I guess, Palo Alto and Mountain View, Menlo…. Everything for tech and creative, from the BDX print and words and object.  #bottledaux, another of the EVERYTHING’s.

5:03, was watching game in kitchen, Giants versus Cubs.  Texted Jack that it’s on and that it’s a pretty good game so far, but no response. More than likely his mother intercepts the communication and doesn’t tell him.  Awesome co-parenting.  I know one or more of you is inwardly shaking, “Mike… be careful, don’t be too [whatever]…”

Well, anymore I don’t care.  Some have no compunction in what they orate and blaze. Now, I’m of the same way and vein and thought train.  Woke after 9 this morning and since have been in a bit of a sleep mist.  Not so much a brain fog or anything impeding, just a bit off.. writing through it.

Playing some Silk Sonic through the speaker Sonic bought me for P’s Club.  Night to self, needed.  No humans… and no offense to the people I love. Mom, Dad, Kerri…. Just need quiet.  Except for the music… want more.  I’ll be down here for a while, I can tell.  All music, all visions of the San Carlos house.. my run tomorrow morning.

Promising SELF something more elevated…