New month.  Not in the mood for the AE story today, AT ALL.  

Lunch with someone at noon, not sure what that’ll produce.  Still have to do budget…. Calm.  Director emails AE’s saying he has covid, and will be hit and miss today.  Should have taken a personal day like I thought about doing, not because of his positive test at all, that just reminds me.  Hearing lady talking on phone yesterday on the Green about a friend of hers that passed at 40.  FORTY.  I’m 43…. I have to change things, a few major facets and aspects of the story.

Coffee 1, will definitely have a second and third.  Possibly 4th.  Need to keep moving, keep writing.  The story, here at the desk.  Yesterday watching some Bay Area show about restaurants and shops, family-owned, this one family buying a spot that had all this history and now operate a very successful business someone in the Richmond I think… no, Brisbane.  The 7 Mile House.  Fascinating story, and looks like a fabulous place to visit.  Maybe my next Sunday trip.