Couple notes in journal…. Thinking.  Almost done with Diet Coke. 

Stop by office, get some supplies maybe, then hit territory.  Yes… Get out in territory I tell myself.  Immediately.

Another idea…. Stopping music, grabbing journal, leaving condo.


3:56 back from canvassing and not much more optimism about me, to be honest. Expanding my network, going through contacts and frankly preparing for a potential move.

Still fasting.  15 hours, 12 minutes. Will go up a little after 4 which is under two minutes away and snack a bit, watch the news.  Staying in for dinner, not going anywhere and back in this office tonight, WORKING.

Still odd weather outside.  Not raining anymore but cloudy and muggy, uncomfortable honestly.

4:36…. Closing day.  Writing EOD, thinking about my signalization and still diversification in tech and tech efforts.  A reinvention I’m sure someone would say I’m attempting, but I’m not.  This is NO attempt.  I’m a writer bringing his story tot he tech world…. May even revive the wine story and blog. Who knows.