Some people always having something to say.

These characters, you have to ignore.  Even if it’s kind and valuable.  What happened to the value of inner-counsel and correction, advice and navigation.  Yesterday in Sausalito walking on Bridgeway The surrounds and moment hit me,  And I mean with force and ferocity.  Get more into your story, it instructed.  Listen to yourself, be more part of your own Composition.

True… so true.

Too often I look outside when really like Mom always suggests I should have have a talk with self.  Why listen to the constant babblers when I have free advisory, HERE.

Closing the day, still making appointments for self.. one pending now, this one I’m pretty excited about.  Touch CV and statement again, spend 30 minutes on it I tell myself.  That’s it.  The instruction I need.  Professor Mikey lecturing and teaching SELF.

Valuable day… think that power nap earlier connected prior separated circuits.

Looking at some recent and old pictures and video of the kids… It is CRAZY how much I love them. Little Jack playing a driving video game at Epic Center during a Sonic party, Emmie riding that red tricycle around the Coffey Park block…. LOVE.  THEM.  EVERYTHING.