9:46, clocking in.  Early Windsor walk for the writer to get a latte.  

Sunday Farmer’s Market starting.  Thought about walking through and checking it out, but no… warm and stuff in the loft, opened windows.  Thinking about doing the same down here.  OR, writing on the second floor deck, or the patio just outside this office. 

Opened office window, staying here.  Need a serious writing spot, not something cute or unique or relaxed.  Committing self to 3000 words for this last day July day.  Shannon and her mother, two sons and then two great nieces I think, over last night for dinner.  Everyone was sweet and nice that I’d never met before, the sons and nieces, but too many humans here.  Gave me a bit of anxiety honestly but I worked through it.  This morning, this whole day, SELF-CARE.

Kerri and Chris planned to come over tonight for dinner, woke remembering this and hoping for a cancellation.  Not offense to either of them obviously just need quiet and time alone.  Chris cancelled having a new tenant moving in.  Thanks EVERYTHING I said to myself by the ATM on River Road that wouldn’t give me cash for some reason… now I need to figure out where that leaves Kerri and I and possibly her kids.  Already feel the nerves and tightness tension… not thinking about it.