Didn’t post this morning.  Didn’t have a chance with how crazy Henry was

and trying to make calls and work and whatever else.  Neighbor playing music, something melancholy and annoying.  Each song sounding the same but somehow worse than the one that came before it. I put on Bonobo, try and erase her horrible play list from my senses.

Much better.  Looking for the chord to charge the JBL speaker work gifted me on the P’s Club trip, found under a bunch of business cards.  Why do I let them collect and stack as I do.  Even my own cards, WHY.

Stack all of them next to printer behind me, one Dad gave me and that will print tomorrow’s 5-page essay.  Out of sight and mind.  I hate business cards.  Thought about ordering some for myself as a blogger, but why.  Would that help?  Do I have more business than I can handle now?  No… blog = business card.  Text it to people, write it down on napkins when at wineries or restaurants.

Thinking of a snack, but what.  Yes, a snack.  Had lunch, but….  Need another Diet Coke. Is there one in the garage?  Need to get organized.