7:23 – Dinner done with kids.  Now more or less relaxing.  Dishwasher going… 

Henry’s moodiness diminishing, a bit.  He’s always hungry.  A bit annoying but as well impressive.  All calm now. Henry already with two disgusting diapers.  Again, annoying but impressive.

Thinking about tomorrow morning, waking early and finishing my project and then Saturday.  Healdsburg I’m thinking, a run.  Run tomorrow as well.  5k.

Henry grabbing the remote— oh shit.  Emma grabs it and it falls.  Doesn’t break but that back part comes off.  Little shit.  Ha ha…. Now he watches show I fix it and calm again, for the moment.

Single dad mode, completely.  Quiet on certain fronts.  Practicing silence rather than response.  Not fighting, not answering, just quiet.  Some characters don’t deserve my words, my written reaction over some idiotic app.

Henry has yogurt, content.  Jack playing a game, Emma vegging next to me, Henry tries to express something but hard to tell what.

Love nights like this, at least where we are now.  Earlier of course bedlam, solely from Henry’s performance.  Of course, that’s him with the protests and the indecipherable screeches and cursing.  Now he sits next to Emma on this couch, Emma’s sweet little head against my left shoulder.

Nothing I love more than this.  Dad life. Single or not, doesn’t matter.  Being their daddy… the story of stories.  The EVERYTHING, the answer, the promise and solver.  Equations negated.