One goal for day.  Complete something. 

Time is not of the essence, or running out, it’s nonexistent so I need to move quicker.  Sip this espresso and after the latte in the fridge from the Peet’s visit yesterday.

Doing what I need at lunch, the sole project for the day that I won’t disclose here.  Deciding on something, right now.  Just remembered, I should be at the winery this Sunday but have heard nothing.  Maybe just not even go like Kerri suggested, and if they say something be like “Well…. The last two weekends I was scheduled I wasn’t needed, one of which I drove all the way out to learn I wasn’t needed.” 

Honestly, I’ve had it with wine and the wine world, industry.  Maybe I’ll have my little table one day, but right now I’m feeling like I don’t even want to bother.  Scheduling self for this office all day Saturday, after the kids are picked up.

8:18, espresso done.  Nervous about work, suddenly.  In many regards.  It grips me. I need to calm down.  How… not sure music’ll help but I’ll try.  Brought down Peet’s cup from yesterday, my now-cold latte.