Call in less than a minute.  Not sure how to feel.  Feel like I need a run. 

Forcing self to do five miles, not giving any sort of a shit about pace.  Hungry but ignoring it.  May have that last banana.

1:33, sweaty and I fucking LOVE IT.  Dropping on keyboard, hold on…. 5.11 miles.  9:40 pace and I don’t care.  I did it, I DID IT.  Got out there and ran and met my 5 mile QUOTA.  In caps ‘cause this is a quota I can meet and have FULL control over.  Feeling amazing after the run, and after the call earlier.  Working on CV and statement tonight and tomorrow morning.  Sending off in A.M., just as part of the exploratory talk with this new contact.

5 more miles tomorrow, same route as today maybe with some mod’.  Posting the screenshot everywhere….  I’M A RUNNER.  That’s how I want to be seen.  Not as a wine guy or some hospitality or wine education twit….  Runner, technology professional and creative, blogger and writer—

Gross, still sweating.  Drink this water faster, I tell myself.  But won’t that make me drip more?  Ew….