Emailed director, one of the Senior AE’s noting me seeing if I’m free to talk.  The one that essentially mentored me.  Wonder what it’s about…. Not concerned, just curious.

Walking to get a latte soon.  Not in the mood for coffee here in house.  Still waking up.  Wanted to take a shower but decided no, I’m running at lunch.  Only giving self an hour and I doubt I’ll run the entire hour.  Doing new route down Conde and up Mitchell.

Idea for tidying up office— interrupted by text.  Ugh, humans…

Senior AE tells me he resolved the “issue”, and “Never mind…Thanks!” Okay.

Look at cash in wallet, not much.  Take that for latte.  Early morning Windsor Walk, for caffeine.  All about the caffeine at this point.  And a run later, launch at 11:30-11:45.

Following through on idea then notes in new journal, the one reading RECORD on cover. 

Go get latte… write the future, materialize it on page, more than merely “manifesting”.  HAPPINESS, not in what you’re given or assigned – IT’S IN WHAT YOU CREATE.

Creating new AE story, this morning.  Going outside and above walls of company.  Fixing what I need, then music new.