Two Candles On A Counter

Finally, quiet.  Tough morning with kids this morning no surprise but I blame my perspective… Jack waking me at 7 to set up a Nintendo account as I told him to do last night, couldn’t wake right away not having sleep well with Henry head butting me  in the kidneys and back of the head and neck.  Soon as Henry was up, protesting for food, then he’s not getting enough, then he doesn’t like what’s in front of him. Then Emma and Jack disputing etiquette with Mario Kart.  You can do this but you can’t do that… “UGHHHHH, I hate you Jack!” From Emma.  Jack more or less ignoring her but then something he says under his breath with that intentionally provocative subtlety just sets her ablaze and I have to involve.

Jack wants to download a free game, Fortnite.  I agree finally setting up Nintendo credentials but it takes too long and he continues to sulk and voice dissatisfaction.

They’re kids, and their needs are simple and enviable, what interests and impresses them.  But their expressions are what get to this single writing father this morning.  Everything was calm when they left, except when their mother arrived to pick them up, which I for the most part won’t address— In fact I won’t give it any page presence here, other than her character and intentions are obvious and predictable, and now a source of humor.  It’s working, the Sedaris approach….

Everything about her is hilarious.  Dad, you were right…. He always urging me, “Mike, at this point you have to just find it comical.” Or something like that, he tells me.  I do.  ‘Mike, be careful, watch what you say…’ I have, and look how well that’s worked.  New posts on this in the very near future, reader.  I SWEAR.

Taking self out on a date today.  Have innumerable chores this morning and today to do, but….  No mood.  I need self-care like Ms. Kerri suggests.  Visiting Taryn at her new winery.  Been too long since I’ve last seen my vino sis.  Wish more in the industry could be like her, with her personality and honesty, integrity, principally pleasant way.

AE friend Shannon texts me…. Wants to see the new place with her two sons and mother whom I call “my sweet Jane” after spending considerable time with them both on the Maui President’s Club trip.  Will text back in a second.

Tempted to light them, give more atmosphere and easing complexion to this room and now-quiet condo.  But I just stare.  One bought from my friend Jess’ store down the street, and the other I can’t remember.  I think one time when Kerri and I went shopping somewhere.  Reminds me of this place.. my writing hut.  My new writing life here in Windsor, and the day’s assignment – ONE ESSAY. Haven’t forgot.  Maybe this is it… these two candles and this kitchen island counter telling me to compose and calm and find it ALL funny.  ‘Cause it is.