Walking up the street and before turning left on McClelland Drive I stopped

and looked at this field.  Sometimes used for a parking lot when there’s a concert or other even, some race.  Reminded me I need to get running again.  Stop with the excuses, stop with the stalls.  Last night started a reverse fast, 18 hours I believe.  9hrs 16min left.  Not counting this latte.

Call ended with client for some wiring needs, sent him some information.  Like I said, bored of the rinse and repeat.  People use that phrase like it’s funny.  It’s not.  First sip, tastes like graham cracker.  Cinnamon and the whip, love it.  Simple pleasures I guess, but with tremendous impact.

Need to leave in a bit to get Emma, deliver her to my parents’ house from the other grandmother’s.  That’ll eat up close to 90 minutes.  Back here, work till EOD.  Maybe get a 5k in?  We’ll see…

“See the scene and trust its validity.” Written in Happiness Project Journal.