Any morning can be the morning you change what you need to.  Don’t despair, only delight.

Note to self, and now just back from taking Emma to Mom and Dad’s have to get into sales mode but how… the talk at yesterday’s lunch has me questioning, wanting more.  Why am I going through this at 40-fucking-3?

It’s just work, I tell myself.  Not why I’m here on the planet, not why alive.  The everyday-ness, getting old.  11:25 on watch, find a new business I tell myself.  Follow up with one of the leads.  Or not… hate this feeling.  This is more than anxiety, not so much depression or any downtrodden dive, just a flux like my friend said yesterday.

Okay, then what next…. Maybe a power nap.  Then when up just look for businesses, who cares if they’re in our fiber print or not.  OH… another idea, something rippling from Ditter’s words yesterday.  Now I don’t know if I could sleep even if I tried.

Love this feeling.  Run with it.  Okay… where to start.  I know where.  One human.

Ball rolling.  Okay…. Now I feel better.