“Take a breath, my friend.  No scene nor its conditions are infinite.”

I just texted a friend.  Should follow my own advice, if that’s advice.  I actually quite like how that’s written.  I smile, and see the truth in my offering to this new friend.  How stressed I am about work, quota and the department transfer, divorce to a much less extent.

Continuing with the present idea.  Connectedness, more than mere connectivity.  Not what I’m after.  Something more layered and round in its richness.  Possibilities intwined with actualities.

Meeting in 39 minutes, 20-some seconds.  Do I have any questions, concerns.  No idea anymore.  Sipping coffee I made this morning.  Cold but I don’t care, at all.  It has caffeine, it’s useful.  Keeping me alive and connected to page.

Negative voices are just removed from this or any equation.  That simple.  Anyone in business or just life has to practice that type of mind, in my opinion.  We let those types, the nay-saying dragons have too much.  Just seeing this now at my age.  And I’m not getting younger and they’ve enjoyed enough of my attention and beat so….. DONE.