Happiness.  Writing.  Writing your way to happiness.

Bringing about its materialization through writing, letters to yourself and the Room you’re in – where you are and what you’re doing.  The postmodern promise, always present.

Traits and qualities of a blogger/writer like me.  Everything is elevating and invitational, an invite to learn about yourself and what surrounds.  Today, especially since waking from that 30-minute or so nap, I’m hungry for more opportunity.  Examining and studying my character.  More than the over-spoken ‘self-awareness’ tag and urge.  Not sure what. 

My friend Kerri calls it manifesting.  I call it something else, depends on the day.  In any word election or scope, you choose happiness. And when it’s written, its immortal.  IT’s present and tangible.  Added tangibility.

When we’re down on ourselves and self-doubting, we can easily buy in too quick.

DON’T.  Turn off that connection and switch.  Be a raving fan of your abilities and YOUR own beat.

Some inner-voices just need to be put in their place, and made aware that they are in no way useful, not wanted, and are being dismissed.