There’s too much repetition in the day to day I’m finding.  Noticed and felt it before, but this morning it’s poking me, taunting.  Thinking of what Ditter and I talked about yesterday at lunch with work and all the changes and the “flux” as he called it, I’m back forth in possibilities.  And I hate it.  Time to make a decision.  One that sticks.  One that changes literally everything for the better for me and the kids.

What does that mean, what does this entail.  No idea, which adds even more stress.  I forget about it, or try to, by checking day’s calendar.  Only thing on it, meeting with one of the Consumer Sales Supervisors at 2:30 regarding department transfer.  Not sure how I feel about it.  Definitely not excited, more or less indifferent I guess?  No idea how to place or communicate it.

Checked a message, one, from x.  Can’t read any more of them.  Far too annoying and petty and I’m very much done with it, and her. Moving along…. Something to make me happy this morning, a latte.  Made coffee in kitchen but not in the mood for plain old coffee, whatever the blend or roast.  Wallet in back pocket already, leaving.  Time for a morning Windsor writer walk.