Home.  Great meeting with Ditter, lots to think about.  Have to be somewhere at 6:30, “-ish”, my friend told me.  Ending day I think.  Just communicated some more pricing and I’m ready to be done.  Have a beer somewhere.  Where… OH, maybe Mom and Dad’s.

Decided to stay in.  No money spent. Thinking of my time with kids this weekend, what we can do and such.  Was watching the news but got tired of the same goddamn stories, no matter how relevant and important they are.  Starting to slouch my mood so off went the TV and down to this desk.

When there’s seemingly nothing to write about, that’s when you have the most fervor, the most fire and curiosity.  Speaking for me of course, but, it’s entirely true.  Having dinner with Ms. Kerri tonight and possibly staying in Santa Rosa but want to be here.  Who knows what’ll happen…. If anything, I’ll wake with her as she has charcuterie boards to prep in the morning, will come back here and work, go for a run.

Have to be up early tomorrow. There will be no excuses accepted.  It’s really a me vs. ME thing now.  Waking early, running and writing.  That simple.  That singular and linear.  Don’t need much for a resplendent event to descend.

Sipping a La Crema Chardonnay and feel nothing.  I’m just drinking something.  Wine and I are at that place again where we aren’t speaking.  And that twit who years ago suggested I start a wine blog…. What a dumb dope of a human. She got me blogging, true.. but to stress wine as a focus… I don’t know, was she right?  Why am I second-guessing myself?

If I were to write about wine now it’d have to be humorous.  Like this glass to my right, full of Chardonnay, over-oaked and mass-produced.  Lazy translation of Chardonnay.  Obvious meant to be a crowd-pleasing bot more than anything original or convincing.  But, I’m still sipping it’s o joke’s on me.  Anymore, Chardonnay makes me think of the dinner in Maui with Mark and his wife Carolyn.  Some of the best Mexican food I’ve EVER had.  And, in MAUI of all places.

Told Ditter earlier I want to go back.  I need to.  My own President’s Club trip. Want to look at those pictures and videos… the one where I’m following AE buddy David down that path by the pool with his wet jean legs walking barefoot looking like he has no idea where he’d going. The carelessness was admirable, not just from him but me and others like Ditter.

Can’t watch it anymore, only makes me miss it.  The walks on Front Street, the two runs I went on, the bar by the pool where we’d all meet…