One of my notes from 2016 in the Happiness Project Journal, “I’m

forever and ever a student.” What have I learned lately, I ask myself.  When to change, when to steer, take new Roads and leave past conversations so far behind it’s like they never happened.  I remember them, but don’t.  Tempted to look at other notes but I need to work, do what I can in the AE story before leaving.  Happiness, already present, already here with me.  Need to convince myself off that.  Not so much convince, but UNDERSTAND.

Sending proposal email, then the check-in with the SF prospect.

Inbound lead, called and already have a conversation in flight.  Not sure she’ll like the pricing I communicate, but oh well.  It’s something to do, something to keep me busy.

Decided NO on Noto.  Saves me $7 at least.  Put that amount in the SMB envelope.  Still no idea what it’s for.. then I realize something, write it in Paris journal.  Do 30 reps with the 25lb weights next to desk.  Forgot they were there till I shifted right to take the AE notebook (AE Notebook 1) from backpack.  Thinking about health, being healthy, healthier, being around…