Changing attitude and shape, mode mode and surface, terrain. 

Going into the city tomorrow, random trip— OH SHIT, I can’t.  Lunch with Ditter at 12:30.  Jackson’s.  Discuss…. things.

Feel like another walk.  Walking to Oliver’s after the ATM was liberating like I don’t remember it being.  Today is a new gem, and odd but delicious one.  This room, condo, the second floor loft which my son Jack says over and over is his favorite thing about the new place… feeling love, encouragement in a way I haven’t in a while.

At desk and can’t stop working.  Can’t ignore this new charge and amplification of SELF.  Like I’ve been reborn, like I’m an AAE in ’19.  AGAIN.  The Newness… was this manifested or just a ontological intersection?

About EVERYTHING.  That’s the stamens, that’s the step and the voice – my reality respiration.  Feel like I’m in the classroom sharing ideas with “students” wildly and as I used to.  

Glass empty, re-fuckin-fill it.  That’s the periphery and tint.  Abstract or no.  Like I’m a Philosophy major like Dad, seeing more in the most apparently plain planes.  The glass is empty, I decide to fill.  That’s individualizes, decisional sovereignty.