Starting slow.  Espresso #1, a double of course, nearly done. 

Will need another then some coffee.  AE laptop still restarting, not sure what’s taking so long.  Sales meeting and AE meetings in early afternoon.

Feel scattered and stressed, but it’s just the ‘first day back from vacation’ brain.  Nothing to worry about.

AE laptop finally done with update or whatever it had going on.  Second double espresso made, coffee waiting in loft kitchen.  Need music…. Emancipator radio.  Thinking about the next scene whatever it is…. Changing habits and practices.  Last night Pinot tasting with Chris and neighbor, realizing that I am definitely done with wine and its business, just wanting to be a consumer from time to time.  Not even a regular one.  If anything, sip less.

My emphasis now is on running now that I’m back from Oregon.  Running and health and fitness….  Better sleep patterns.  Eating better.  Last night’s steak dinner with Chris and my neighbor was the last of its type for some time I feel.  Mood remaining, message a couple people at work regarding transfer.  Nothing yet, no word.

Anxiety gaining speed and pervasiveness.  I stop it in its skip with the espresso, looking through Oregon pictures of kids… then enter some receipts, move some money.  Focusing on music, missing the kids, a lot.  This always happens, as you know and I’ve posted here who knows how many times.

Onto the coffee, and into different mind.