Power nap or more coffee, the present dilemma.  After another call, I’m poised for a nap honestly.  Exploring my own thoughts, my character, where I am and why, how I arrived here.  What I need to do differently.  I’m 43… Keep saying that to myself.  Why.  What am I emphasizing, or stressing to myself, or about.

Rest, regroup, restart.  An old picture from who knows when, vineyard of course… what about wine kept me in the “industry” for so long?  I’m honestly puzzled about this today, nearly from right when I left my bed.  The pay isn’t good, you’re around drunks often, and there’s not that much surprise or art, or education.  But I started seeing things different, and now even more differently.

Wine’s telling me to find something else… more stories.  There’s more literature elsewhere.

Music off, meditating as I type.  What I want and where I’m going… EVERYTHING for the kids.


12:58 back from quick nap, sipping a Diet Coke.  Tired of coffee.  Sick of it actually.

1:00, leaving for office in a bit.  Left message for prospect.  Will try again in a second.  Should leave at 1:30 to get to HQ on time, or maybe a touch after.  Dilemma about something, ignoring it.  Should address it.  Question…….

4:38 just pulled in.  Meeting was more or less a reiteration of already-known realities.  Starting to feel tired. Early to bed a must for this writer.  Even’t opened AE laptop yet, but some notes take earlier connecting ideas and new Road, new stories for Mike Madigan and his drive to happiness and inner-peace.  Nearly there, just have a bit to go.

No music on.  Just the quiet.  FasTrak sent me an overdue notice.  Thought I had everything paid.  Hate that organization, I swear.  MY own fault I know, but still that’s my mood.  Office is a mess and that’s changing TONIGHT.