Didn’t write anymore yesterday, just notes in head.  Cora our river rapid guide, Robert the bus driver and information speaker tour guide and hype man (hilarious).  When home, bike ride with Henry and I think I may have gone somewhere between 5 and ten miles.  No terribly impressive, but something.  Dinner at the Lodge didn’t work out with Henry and his protests, me having to take him outside to the back lawn where he played with bocce balls.  Everything to go, dinner at our house.

Cold this morning, having to close windows in my room and Jack and Emma’s.  Jack waking at 5 or 6 something coming into my room telling me he can’t sleep ‘cause he’s freezing.  Can see why, it was fucking cold in their room and mine. All windows closed.

8:15 woke at 6-something to Henry wide awake walking around on his mattress beside my bed.  Told him Daddy needs more sleep so brought him onto my bed where he passed out about ten minutes later and me unable to return to rest.  Not sure if that’s ironic, or funny, both, or just single parent life.

Jack and Dad to go on a morning bike ride out to some local falls, Emma and I on a coffee date soon as Mom wakes up and can watch Henry.  Want Emmie to have my undivided.