Back from breakfast at Café Sintra.  Woke early to Jack informing me Emmie had a bloody nose.  Didn’t back to sleep, then allergies attacked me like angry over-caffeinated vampires.  Took a pill when back from breakfast and feeling a bit better.  Tired though… 

Going to North Pool one last time with kids later, and not sure what else for the day.  Took home some coffee from Sintra, so amazing.  Not really keeping me awake.  Will need a nap before wrangling kids to and at pool, definitely.

Haven’t entered any receipts the whole time here.  Not letting it bother or stress me.  I’ll deal with them later.  Henry protests, wants something.  Let’s see what, this time…. Food, walking over to the pantry and just standing there.  Shocker.  He just stares at everything, no sounds.

Sip coffee, already missing Sunriver and dreaming about writing a book up here.  About hiking, biking on the mountain like the people I saw yesterday – speeding by us with no fear of falling or slipping or skidding on those sharp and loose volcanic rocks.

No word from winery yet, not sure what the delay is.  And I don’t care.  Going to run, and later hike.