Night Cab Franc

Staying at the Skyhawk base.  Playing it safe.  Opened a Caddis Cab Franc from Livermore, gathering thoughts.  Wines tasted at Katie’s making me think more about the wine story of mine… where I’m going with it, what my wines will taste like.  Where I am and what I’m doing with wine right now….  Sipping Cabernet Franc, thinking about a year ago today… In Yuba with Mom and Dad and Katie, Nate and his daughter, when the split started.  Nate driving me around in his old Bronco – his fixer project that gave me the idea that in this new life I need a similar lab.  Not that I know how to fix cars, or anything about cars, but I know people that do.  They can help.  I can pay them in wine.

Wine is all about new projects and possibilities, new starts.. I’ms still in the new start car.  Messaged my friend Chris who made this offered compliments, real ones and not just the ‘Hey great job’ bullshit that some would say.  Honestly don’t know how he does what he does.  I’m not a winemaker, and barely understand what they do.  Can somewhat speak their language, but… it’s mysterious and evasive to me.

A year ago… dad driving us to and from Yuba.  It started, the separation.  Hear fireworks from where I am, in my old Nook Office… celebratory and nostalgic but more than that calculated reflection.

I’m free now.  Have been always, but now I’m realizing it.  Not in the kitchen, not a pingponging of any kind.  Just me and the page.  Cab Franc, in its separatist stance and sentences, song, teaching me to do such.  Forget these devils… what they say, their support, their letter.  New day, new way and praise to what I am, what I’ve been through.

Strike –