Lunch done.  Amazing how much happiness can be in a tuna salad sandwich.

Just me, two halves, watching the news.  Now back in office and looking at time, measuring afternoon.  Take shower, pack backpack, bring checkbook.  That’s right, where….  Found it.  My filing system is terrible.  Why can I be more like Dad… organized to a reality that should be studied.

1:46 oh my god my fucking eyes are terrible.  Put on cheaters, then took off.  Denial, it’s real.  It’s consuming.  Distracting self from this unavoidable change in my functionality bringing in weights from garage, the 25lb-ers.  Quick set of ten…

Need a change in focus and topic.  Wine, much I love it, is limited.  Don’t have time to elaborate.  Focusing on fitness… diet, nutrition, running, mental health.  Why?  Why not.  I need to be around as long as I can, for the babies.  They are the EVERYTHING.

Happiness Project sentence written, just read one from a couple years ago.  Wow… taught.  One of them, can’t find it now, from a couple years ago, about attaining aims and how joyful expression is demanded.  True… stunned by a past Mike.

Continuing with research…. Doing this.  All of it.