Quiet in office and again asking myself what am I doing today..

what can I do to generate business?  Honestly, no idea.  At a loss.  It’s not even a fight against quota anymore but a meditation on what to do next.

So that is the question, the only question, and more than a question a decision.  Where am I going with this…. More books to take up to my room but then I remember I have a bookcase coming soon.

Espresso done, coffee made upstairs.  Budget later…. Make self available as a blogger.  Not so much advertising but VISIBLE.  What happened to that?  Told Director Mark that such was my whole “business plan for 2022”.  And what happened?

Each hour today planned and written out.  Looking at new business at 10, running at noon and shower right after.  Then back in office and look for IT consultants and “vendors”, anyone in tech with whom to start a conversation.  I mean, honestly, what else can I at this point?

Happiness and its definite definition layering itself in my thinking this morning – last night with my sister and how happy I was to be with her and have dinner, drink wine …