Just a tap in a tap-dance over 800 words.  Plane flying over, and loud.  Driving to HBG and walking around, that’s the plan.  Not that I was waiting for people to respond to my texts, but I’m NOT waiting for anyone in any context.  Going out there, and finding characters, words, a story for me.

Certain actions hitting radar.  No elaboration right now, just waiting and observing.  How I want to “play” it.  Watch what people do, how they speak their words, their body movement and language.  What I’m thinking, about humans, what they want… their own sense of order and fairness, empathy and cruelty.  Dad teaching me long ago to let the monster reveal ITself for what IT…is.

Day passing as it does, indifferently and numerically.  One set of numbers, then another… then more.  Why am I just watching.  Closing this goddamn laptop and getting away from these keys.  More living, less writing.