Full from dinner, Asian place around the corner.  In office and done with budget. 

Not tight, but not what need it be…. Vineyard walk today at Schlumberger teaching to make myself happy, happier, it’s all on me.

Bed early tonight for sure, a little more wine…. Notes today at winery and how Mike the manager takes notes on every order form teaching me to condense and re-compose my writing way.

Wine descriptions, first group complimenting me on mine, guy saying how I’m “spot on, totally” with everything I said.  Not sure I agree.  Just thoughts, on wine.

LoFi beats playing.  Should’ve done this last night…. Need another glass, and not of the Black Knight but one of the Schlumberger bottles I took home today.  That Cab Syrah blend.

Putting $5 in winery stash, file cabinet behind me that Dad assembled.  Done.  One dollar at a time.  Like Mark said, even $1 is good.  Need more of those 9k commission checks… but how.  This week, the energy I put into the AE story will be MONSTROUS.

Mom messaging me telling me how much Dad loves the poz loft…. Wouldn’t be here without them.  Grateful.  And lovingly stressed.