Another power nap, up with more espresso, sent a couple emails, and not rushing. 

Trusting the process….  Cleaning office, or starting to looking for something and can’t find it, hate when that happens.  I’ll find it tonight, and if not… then not.

Calm, zen.  Who said old people can’t take naps.  No wait, they do don’t they?

Desktop cleared off a bit, already feeling more eased.  Tempted to take the rest of the rest of the day, for some ambiguous “personal reason”.  Well, the reasoning is truthful but the ambiguity is convenient, I guess you could say.

Making a point of everyday disposal.  Of something, anything… papers, books, envelopes I thought I’d use.  Seriously, anything.  Challenging self right now to five pieces, and I’ll name them for you when done. – San Rafael Chamber packet, envelope and page I just printed where the ink isn’t working, part of old running armband carrier for iPhone, and Season 1 DVD of a show I used to watch.  No time to watch shows now as a homeowner writer, so adieu!!

Box of old writings, in closet for now.  Everything consolidated or racked into a book.  The Maui trip, cleaning and settling into the condo.  All of it.  New relationships and conversations, the divorce… nearly too much material.  This point in the day where it slows even more considerably and I’m looking for something to do.

I’m doing something right now, what I’m MEANT to do.  Tell stories, share my Now, hopefully help someone feeling anxious or uncertain – urge them to laugh about it.  Gift yourself with a case of the fuck-it’s.

Writing and blogging for self – course idea.  Objective more character composition, battling angst or uncertainty, MENTAL HEALTH.  Make it part of the process, even and especially if you don’t write, or thing you can.  New audience, I’m thinking… now I’m awake.  Wish I had this excitement and voltage with the AE story, as I used to.  Things change, that’s just how it is.

Grocery store run, needed.  Food for kids, some buys for me.  Budget injured after Maui.  No worries or cares just a glowing basket of fuck-its.  I did it, I had fun, was free and careless and with some of my favorite humans on this weirdo globe.  I’m good.

Staring at the brick, again.  Fucking love this place.