When will I be fully settled into this place?  Probably after the construction of the master bed but there’s really no rush on it with the kids coming here this weekend and the mattress on floor.  A place for all three to sleep, food for their little cores.  Prepped.

1:50, tired of being in this office and looking at the wall, all the post-it’s on this desk.  Time to organize again.  I’m new at this, remember?

Clearing my head.  A void, all that’s there.  No thoughts.  Blank.  Canvass and page.  Starting over…. Story, stories, me and wine, where I started which was sipping something that would make cringe now, in college.  Can’t remember what it was… then of course the bottle of Blackstone Merlot I always talk about, when living in San Ramon and having a friend over for “dinner”, which was really just a shrimp salad.

No specific concern or priority.  Not now… just wine written on the canvass.  Need a cup of this tiramisu or hazelnut coffee.  One more then stop…. Then I write HUMOR in aggressively-sized letters, my own on the spot font, about ‘wine’ which is all lowercase.

The coffee, the coffee… I swear that’s all I’m thinking about.  Why haven’t I lifted self from this chair?  What’s the bottle Kerri brought over last night?  AXR, okay, but….  Oh my fu—  The Napa Valley, 2019.  Why did she do that?  When do I even open a bottle like that?  I know, when you open the bottle that’s the occasion and all that bullshit, but seriously.  WHEN DO I?

Stuffing this in the closet down here, on the opposite side of the floor by the door to the garage.  Not sure about the wine fridge Chris gave me, seems to be running a lot.  Stop …