Finally moving, FINALLY.  Bit by bit of course, but tonight most likely will be night 1 in the writing loft.

Coffee, kids playing game and relaxing after breakfast, me prepping some notes for….

Will start loading car in a bit.  Need envelope for receipts I have to enter, don’t want them fattening wallet to a point where I can’t drive, sit.  Find cash in a hidden little slot on left side, that’s nice…

Seeing how I want the flat arranged.  Simple, MINE, air, music, wine, play, safety… zen.  Poetry and books and health.  Learning to cook, have five solid recipes now, all low carb and vegetable-founded.

Seeing the kids playing, me writing, and quiet.  Always thought I might end up on Windsor’s Green.. and here I am.  Or, will be later today. Out of Nook today.  New story, flight.  Sight and mind aligned with freedom and so long awaited HAPPINESS.

Coffee, grateful.  Seeing friend later.  Dinner but not sure where.  Perfect day… one free of interruption, obstruction and spiteful intrusion.

Time for eggs.  One of the items on my menu, if you could call it that. Imagine, starting your story over, completely.  Square not one but minus-10.

Not feeling quota stress today.  And why would I.  Only so much you can do and you can’t even do that much, especially on Sunday.  Oh that reminds me… Caddis.


Story about winemaker

Story about sales guy only wanting to travel and photograph EVERYTHING

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