25 new leads today. My only objective.  Working offsite, possibly at the Windsor Starbucks.  Last night at dinner thinking about Quota and my fight and struggle and basically WAR against it.  Learn from everything… what’s not working right now… emails.  So then, go over social media I guess, more poignantly LinkedIn.  Connect with people, focus on humans, not business names or addresses.

8am, still waking up.  This double will not be the writer’s only cup.  Gas yesterday… oh my god, maddening..  Let it go, and don’t drive too far.  Maybe Windsor’s too far. 

AE laptop still closed, not ready yet.

Idea about prospecting, then lost it… then it comes back.  One word, one Geographic focus.  Keep the search simple… don’t have it be prospecting, but genuine connection.  Thinks I’ve told myself before but needing a reminder this morning, obviously.

Minimalism… not just with the new house, but business, writing, blogging, health…. Clearer my sight.  8:16, leaving soon.  Laptops remaining here… take headphones.  Little journal… cards.

Turn this all around, the sales momentum so far.  Waiting on two requests for documents, ‘least that would get me on the board and at this point that’s all I’m after for March.