Back home.  1:05.  Costco soon. 

Not  much looking forward to the crowds and parking, waiting in line, but….  Thinking of the bigger consideration, I tell myself.  Make way through receipts tonight, plan for tomorrow.  Again, promising to manifest defeat of 2022’s quota.  Follow up with San Francisco lead tomorrow, and the other lead (Berkeley).

Diet Coke and some collection of thoughts before shower… old pictures.  Kids… one of Emma that I posted earlier grabbing my heart and making it more painful to be away from them this long.  Letting go of anger, resentment, all of it like I discussed with friend at lunch just a bit ago.  She gets it, the story and composition of everything.  Manifesting as an idea and practice and proven producer.

What I’m thinking… now, about the Now.  Where I am in this Nook on a Sunday, 1:14, nine hours of story and vignette accumulation.  The Diet Coke can, the $4 I took from wallet and soon into J4H…. Dan and Sue talking in the other room about something financial.

Diversification in business, approach, for the design business.  Time for shower, think in there, see… manifest.  I’m going to do more for this design businesses, I WILL diversify.  

I WILL draw a new map, tonight.  In this Nook.